Our choir usually sings for worship twice a month. This month they will sing on November 10 & 24. On the 10th they will sing Come Thou Fount. On the 24th they will sing The Everlasting Holy God

There will be a combined choir on November 24 at the joint Thanksgiving service at Windsor United Methodist Church with Windsor Heights Lutheran Church, which begins at 4 PM. This choir will sing All Good Gifts by Joseph Martin. Rehearsals for the combined choir will take place beginning at 7 PM on Wednesdays, Nov. 13 & 20, at WUMC. Our choir will return to WPC at 7:30 for our own rehearsal.

In a choir a singer can experience “take your breath away” moments that come from being one voice among many, together in harmony. Music simply uplifts and beautifies those in and around us. Singing is known to benefit the singer in emotional, physical, cognitive and social ways. Come and explore how, through music, we can build a community of friendship, grow musically and serve our church body.

Rehearsals run weekly in Ward Hall on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00.
Come try it out! You’ll be glad you did.



Windsor Presbyterian Church
Windsor Heights, Iowa
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News & Events


Nov 3  - Communion
Nov 6  - WOW & Choir
Nov 7 -  CFUM Meal; Ukulele Choir
Nov 8  - Building & Grounds Meeting
Nov 9  - Sudanese Community Women's Meal
Nov 10 - Confirmation Class
Nov 12 - Drop In Potluck
Nov 13 - WOW; Combined Choir; WPC Choir
Nov 14 - Session Meeting
Nov 15-16  Sigrid Anderson's Scrapbooking
Nov 17 - Food Pantry Sunday; Deacons' 
               Check-In; Confirmation Class
Nov 18 - Newsletter Information Due
Nov 20 - WOW; Combined Choir, WPC Choir
Nov 21 - Don Justo Coffee Distribution; CROSS                Outreach Pretzel-Making

Nov 24 - Christ the King Sunday; 
               Communion; Hanging of the 
Joint Thanksgiving 
               Service (4 PM at Windsor UMC)
Nov 28 - Office Closed - Happy 
Nov 30 - Nuban Community Thanksgiving

Joint confirmation classes with First Arabic and Ankeny Presbyterian Churches are being held on Sunday afternoons from 1 – 3. The classes are for current high school students. The curriculum is “Big God, Big Questions.” 

We serve the CFUM (Children & Family Movement) dinner on the first Thursday of the month. We meet at the church at noon to prepare the meal and then leave  at 4:30 to serve the meal at Trinity Methodist Church. We are done with clean-up around 6 PM. 

The third Sunday of each month is Food Pantry Sunday. The DMARC Food Pantry Network's requested donation this month is anything for Thanksgiving dinner: frozen turkeys (12-15 lbs.), potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, onions, mixed veggies, pumpkin, squash, apple sauce, and cranberries.